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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

We understand that sometimes our carriers struggle to get items to you safely and on time. While we cannot guarantee timing, we can assure you that once they are sent, they have been carefully prepared for you and sent with gratitude.

Should your deck or spreads not reach you. Please contact us and explain the situation and a way to get back to you via email. If the item is received with flaws or damage, please send a pic and email them to us so that we can take note and send you a replacement.

Any other concerns and questions, please contact us and allow at least 48 hours to respond with the proper action and response.

Return & Exchange Policy

Purchases of the decks are not returnable unless damaged, and we request pics for helping us determine what happened and why. We offer a unique learning tool, but it is offered at a reasonable price and we clearly state that it is not the standard tarot deck. 

We do understand that tarot cards take vacations from our decks and then return in flatware drawers and linen closets. So, if you find a card that has gone AWOL, please contact us and we will see if we can help replace parts of the deck for a small fee - mostly postage. 

Having said that, if your pet or toddler decides it's the neatest chewable, we will try our best to assist, but again...perhaps a new will be needed.

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