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Grace Sequoia

Grace is a professional tarot reader, educator and speaker with over ten years of experience. She has authored a series of unique tarot spreads designed for all levels of tarot users and her students. Her advanced tarot spread The Practitioner's Spread, a 21 card spread and accompanying workbook, was designed to be a complementary tool for healers and readers and was presented at the NWTS (North West Tarot Symposium) in 2018. This year she will be sharing her new deck, The Declarative Tarot.

Grace has studied tarot for over a decade and has been reading at fairs all over the state of Washington. Since her NDE and survivorship of cancer, she has chosen to dedicate her time to providing tools for others to rise to the challenge of finding their inner voice and authorship, to self-declare themselves as uniquely divine and with presence and purpose. 

The Declarative Tarot Deck

This tarot deck is redefined for the next phase of our spiritual journey. As we continue to discover the truths of our past and grasp what it means to be living in the present, self-authorized and focused on declaring our uniqueness, we need to evolve our tools of self reflective inner work. In the Declarative Tarot Deck, you will discover your questions must be focused on your personal journey and life experiences. Gone are the references to gender, mythology, astrology, numerology and other outer-defining labels and titles. Instead the cards are now dsigned to reflect the personal journey and the way we perceive and choose our responses that set into motion our life experience. These choices are our pattern of engagement with ourselves and others. 

The changes include:

23 Paths of Experiential Learning: Questioner to Multiverse + I AM card = Major Arcana

16 Flows of Inner Presence in the 4 Flows of Perception: Wisdom, Authority, Focus, Declaration = Court Cards

40 Flow of Perception: Mind, Heart, Passion, Presence (Seed to Summation, 10 cards each flow) = Minor Arcana

Tarot is a system of learning and the tarot deck is the tool for diving into what it means to be living and thriving in this next age of self discovery. As we continue to be individually and collectively challenged to rise above the false notions of how we have been defined, we will begin redefining ourselves, and begin focusing on what this new era is about ~ the cause and effect of personal choice, and how we collectively create through personal choice. This deck asks you to see yourself as the Questioner, on a journey of self discovery. No longer are your questions going to be about others and outside things, but instead about how you are perceiving, feeling, choosing your responses and actions, and how that establishes your life experiences and presence. How you self-declare. 


It is important to remember that we color our world with our uniqueness. This deck allows you to color your cards and use them as a personal deck of self discovery. There is a separate E-book that will be available (if you choose), for learning about the cards, and a downloadable 'hints and tips' sheet for free (coming soon!). The online shop (the shop elves are busy adding the final touches), has a group of spreads to use for learning about your journey. 


Feel free to email us with questions. There will be an upcoming blog to discuss the cards and referrals to those that are also blogging about the cards to help bridge from the traditional decks to this deck.

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