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A Declarative Tarot Deck ~ Learning to Focus From the Inside First

This deck is moves away from the traditional focus on how the world impacts your life and refocuses on how you are key to how your responses and actions establish how you experience your life. Traditionally, tarot was a teaching tool to gain insight into the mysteries of our purpose and spiritual connection to God, Source and Soul. The Declarative Deck removes the labels and stories that are no longer needed for the next step of becoming Divinely Human. The cards now challenge you to focus on your choice process and how that creates the path you experience.

The first tarot decks before the mystery schools were for fun and fortune telling. The mystery schools came about during the Edwardian Era, and became what we are familiar with today. They offer a more esoteric approach about light and shadow, right and wrong and starkness of life. After awhile underground, the tarot became more mainstream and now there are over twenty-thousand plus decks and oracle decks.


This deck is not about severity. It is about what is or is not flowing and shows you how you might have consciously or subconsciously contributed to what you are experiencing at that moment. What choices did you make that brought you to this life experience? What role does your fears, hopes, wants and people in your life, contribute to your life experience? Why do you feel you are not meeting a purpose? Are you feeling a shift in your spiritual focus or need to liberate yourself from patterns of habits and conditioning? While the deck cannot tell you what to do, it will show you how your choices are participating as a cause that the resulting effects are what you are sensing or feeling. The deck is GPS - a General Pointer of Spirit/Soul guidance.

The path to authenticity or self-declaration is not about gender, color, race or religion. It's not about where you were born, what your family is or is not, or what career or success you are living. The path to self-empowerment through claiming your sovereignty is about declaring your presence through thoughts, feelings, passions and actions. You begin to write you life story instead of letting others write in your life journal. This requires each of us to face the way we see ourselves and own our choices; the cause and effect of our life. It sounds complicated but it really simplifies the deck and makes it a more fun and invigorating way to see yourself as a work in progress.


Are you ready to get started?

Then by all means, take a breath, pull your wellies or boots on, roll up those sleeves and give the deck a whirl!


(The print-shop gnomes are scrutinizing the type as we speak)

We suggest you download and print this intro for future use or confirm your interest in using a deck that no longer uses:

  • The personality/court cards without the  gender, youth/maturity, or physical descriptions (see deck page)

  • The four suits as alter based symbols or earth elements - aka swords/air, cups/water, wands/fire, discs/earth (see deck page)

  • Esoteric deck break down and divisions such as: arcana major or minor, suits or symbols and references there of

  • References to mythology, astrology, gods or goddesses, numerology, religion or culture


NW TAROT SYMPOSIUM 9/28 thru 10/1

Red Lion Hotel, Portland OR


ILLUSTRATED PAPER DECK - A Paper Deck for Personalization We currently offer the Declarative Tarot deck as a unique tarot deck designed for self coloring. This is a way to use the colors you feel speak to you and set the tone from which you read your life experience through using the tarot to learn about yourself. This is printed on 130# cardstock and non-laminated in large format (4x6 inch).

WHITE PAGES - The Itty Bitty Deck Book *A brief 6 page booklet* Each deck automatically will have a basic booklet to get you started. It includes a correspondence list to match this deck's card names to the previous traditional mystery school decks and key words to inspire connection! Complimentary Spread offered is Light & Shadow, designed to help you see how your intuition is flowing.


PAPER EDITION (The digital version is being properly formatted by the magical staff - stay tuned!)

The paper edition is printed on 28# paper, and cut to a 8.5" x 8.5" square book with a black spiral binding and protective vinyl cover to allow you to easily open your book and keep it flat while coloring, reading, and practicing your readings. The paper cover is in color under the protective frosted overlay to protect  your book. The book covers each card and includes an image of the card to also color. Inside you will find a list of all the images and a Wiki-link for reference. The practice spread is available for learning and includes an example reading.


Some readers, whether experienced or not, will most likely be able to recognize a message from each card, and  be able to dive into connecting quickly. This deck uses the tarot system but, has been adjusted to move tarot into the next phase of what it means to be divinely human. Readers of the standard tarot deck and the tarot system, will be able to recognize each card, suit, and arcana in this deck. To begin, we suggest is to lay them all out and visually connect. Or take your current deck and match the cards to compare and gain insight and see how the deck works. Or you can let the deck speak on its own. 

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