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This set includes: The Companion Book and the Declarative Tarot Deck. The book is 8.5x8.5 inches square, spiral bound, and filled with information for any tarot enthusiast or nerd. Printed by a local small business printer, and local artist, this book is printed on 28lb paper and perfect for coloring as well. The book includes an example spread used for teaching tarot, and designed by the author. There is an index for all images the fly, swim, crawl, burrow, root and seed, including a Wiki-link for further learning. Each card is discussed, and includes colorable 3x4 inch image.

Declarative Tarot Deck & Companion Book

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  • This set includes:

    • The Declarative Tarot, 81 cards on 130# cardstock, non-laminated, and 4x6 inches, illustrated in black and white, primed for coloring.
    • The Companion Book, 8.5 x 8.5 inches, spiral bound for easy layout position, 164 pages, 28# paper, primed for coloring.
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