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If you are looking for a way to enjoy tarot while learning each card, increase your skills in reading and working with a tarot deck, this deck is for you! Using the traditional tarot system, this deck is 78 cards plus three alternate versions of three cards, plus a declarative card: I AM. It is locallly printed by a small business, and community artist. There is a Companion Book, which is also designed to be colored.


Personalize your deck with color!      See Prod.Info. for details on media choices.



Declarative Tarot Deck

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  • About Me:  I'm made of 130# cardstock, non-laminated, and I'm just the right size to color: 4x6 inches. I come with a practice spread and small booklet to inspire you!

    Suggested media: Colored Pencils, water-color pencils, acrylic pens, crayons, and highlighters. Pastels or oils not recommended.

    The artpiece on the back of each card is specially created by T.Rohlsson of Living Light Alchemy Designs. A physical verson of the image is purchasable from his website.

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