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Coloring Your Deck & Making It Last

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

One of the ways the mystery schools taught tarot was to have you color your deck based on the esoteric symbolism and established colors. This process helped you memorize and see the correspondences of each card and its meaning. It wasn't until later that the deck was published in full color.

In this deck you choose your colors to personalize your deck, to connect and discover how it speaks to you. This will also aid you in seeing all the imagery and color helps you connect intuitively. It's your lens of view and each color, each shade and each section whether colored, or not, will be representational of your ongoing journey. One thing to note is with each shift and change, our view and choices also shift and change over time. This is why there are so many tarot decks out there. Different ways to learn and connect.

So what happens if you decide you no longer want lots of blues and greens? What if you want stark or bold colors! Or maybe you no longer want to color the cards. This means the deck may need to be set aside for awhile or a new one initiated into how you now journey with tarot. Most likely you will go back to the other deck a couple of times and then retire it. It's good to buy more than one deck until you find one that becomes your go-to-deck. Especially learning to use this deck versus the traditional decks. You may decide that you want to continue using your tried and true deck over learning a new way of working with the tarot system.

If you did color the deck, we suggest you do not pass this deck on to someone else, but actually retire it since it is so personalized and about you. If your deck is not colored, then you can clear it and retire it or recycle it.

Do I Need To Color The Deck?

You do not need to color the deck. Its an option. There are a couple of intense esoteric decks out there that are not colored and the imagery is just as powerful in black and white as any colored deck. The difference with colored decks versus noncolored decks is the way colors work with you subconsciously. The way the colors tie into the imagery speaks to us and connects us with various experiences of our life.

Often we think of blues, greens and white for watery experiences. Flowers and plants hold the greens and browns while fauna come in a mixed pallet of colors. We can see a black and white image of a tree and connect to smells, sounds and colors. This is the power of imagery.

Humans have spent centuries learning to identify the language of colors for our regional flora and fauna. We have given colors names and associated their meanings in a multitude of secret languages, symbolism and mysticism. In order to release all the myths and stories we have built up and subconsciously recorded into our everyday lives, and how they have created cast systems, dogma that limits and strips us of our sense of self, we need to ask questions that do not include these archaic systems. This includes removing the hierarchy of the court cards, gender based focuses and the god and goddess approach. The rituals and alter references no longer apply to the Divine Human. At this point in the journey of self-discovery and self-declaration, you will begin to see the presence of what we label and begin to connect with that essence instead of the stories outside of you.

For those of you that live by the earth-based-religions, this in no way diminishes or demeans your connections to the Earth and Cosmic Realms. This deck is to refocus one's attention to the process of owning one's choices and learning how that establishes what and how we experience life. It aids in the process of learning how we magnetize our life to more easily see and connect to the universal gifts and presence. It is designed to help you step out of the Game and become not part of it and controlled by it, but instead, participating at will, if in fact you do Will to do so.

For those of you that hold a deep connection to organized religions, this deck only referencing God as Source. There are no ties to the story or history of any of the religions. In fact, this deck is designed to give you a way to connect from within to the deepest and truest flow that is what we flow from and can connect with, what we have either have been denied or forgotten. This is an opportunity to go within and connect from this plane of material awareness and rise to the highest heights of the expansive self we truly are; to declare that as self. The I AM of presence.

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